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Why You Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Home

March 12, 2022
By: David Lacamera

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Buying a property itself is a huge expense and thus we all try to cut out a little on everything possible. In this list, one of the most common concerns and doubts is the real estate agent in Philadelphia.  Real estate agents, undebatably, make a huge difference, both in the saving as well as the ease they offer you while finding the property as well as finalizing the deal.

The Experienced vs. the Inexperienced Agent

It can be difficult to find a competent agent, especially finding the trustworthy one. People who have bought or sold several homes can have an advantage over those who are first-time buyers. A real estate agent can help you negotiate the sale or explain features of the home that may pose a problem in the future. 

An individual who looks out for your interests should work for you. You can avoid being exposed to properties that aren’t right for you by working with an agent. 

What does a realtor do for you?

Getting the best price for clients is the goal of real estate agents, who are trained professionals with years of experience. Realtors acquire real-world knowledge throughout their careers, in addition to the studies they must complete to become licensed.

To make this debate a little easier on you, here are some benefits that you might want to consider before making a final call.

Research and expertise

A local agent is knowledgeable about the neighborhood and recent sales within it. In addition, they can analyze the sales of comparable homes in the area to determine fair prices. 

The agents know the costs and potential returns of improvements and repairs on homes. In addition to offering advice on what sellers can do to maximize the value of their homes, they tell buyers how much a buyer should request in negotiations to cover future repairs.

Administration and organization

There is a lot of paperwork involved in real estate transactions. Even if you’re familiar with the forms and regulations surrounding a transaction, it can be overwhelming to handle it yourself. A real estate agent knows when to sign and how to submit documents. 

It is possible to incur negative (and costly) legal ramifications if you fail to properly complete real estate documents. This is an important consideration for both buyers and sellers.


 Being in the seller’s market gives you its own benefits. One of them is that buyers cut you slack with the time and incentives to close the deal. You can use them both in your deal, take advantage and take your time with ease to find your home and fix that deal. 

Another perk you can count on is the renter-back agreement. This gives you a space to sell your property and then rent it from the buyer till the time you shift to another place. 

Master negotiators, real estate agents are. They’ve been taught negotiation principles and have a lot of experience working out home-buying deals.

Realtors can recognize the strategies used by rival agents and respond appropriately to ensure a positive outcome for their customers.


Agents have connections with other local realtors that can assist you in finding the right buyer or sale. They can also connect you with local professionals like inspectors, loan officers, and home improvement contractors that can help you with your transaction.

Apart from these a relator help you to

A real estate agent who represents a buyer assumes a variety of obligations to make the house search and purchase process go as smoothly as possible.

Facilitates financing

Connects you with a lender who can help you figure out your budget and get pre-approval. Provides assistance with mortgage paperwork.

Identifies properties

Finds properties that fit your requirements and budget. Analyzes properties in order to arrive at a fair price.

Tours homes

Attends open houses with you. Arranges for exclusive home tours. Highlight the remarkable aspects.

Submit offers

Provides advice on the amount of the offer, contingencies, and other issues. Offers are written up and submitted. Organizes and manages associated documentation.

Negotiates deals

During negotiations, provides experienced advice. Contact the listing agent on your behalf.

Orchestrates closing

In charge of home inspections. Hires and manages additional experts, such as a title or escrow firm, an attorney, specialty inspectors, and contractors, to complete the deal.

A buyer’s agent can provide you with a number of services that you may not be able to access on your own. Aside from being the first to know about new listings before they are made public, agents can:

  • Provide sales figures from the tax rolls that are comparable.
  • Based on map searches, provide MLS sales data.
  • Get property profiles that include sales history, property information, demographics, and local services.
  • Obtain a copy of the historical documentation for the house.
  • Run reports on the ratios of the listing agent’s list price to the sales price.
  • Calculate annual statistics and trends for a certain area.
  • Propose a pricing plan
  • Prepare a solid offer that reflects the buyer’s best interests based on market conditions and agent interaction/networking.
  • Examine documents for flaws and request disclosures.

Working with a real estate agent, whether you’re buying or selling, may provide a great deal of peace of mind. It may also result in you having more money in your bank account. If you’re considering representing yourself, make sure you understand what an agent does and what you’ll need to cover if you go it alone.

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